National Conference Of Weights And Measures Annual Meeting Update

The National Conference of Weights and Measures interim meeting in Savannah, Georgia discussed issues related to hydrogen fueling, biodiesel and renewal diesel definitions and labeling, and gasoline product transfer documentation.

For hydrogen fueling, a proposal is being considered that would require gaseous hydrogen dispensers have a 5-micron or smaller nominal pore-sized filter to protect the vehicle from particulate contamination and a filter to protect the vehicle from liquid contamination.

In addition, the NCWM is considering adding ISO 14687 “Hydrogen fuel quality — Product specification as an alternative to the SAE J2719, “Hydrogen Fuel Quality for Fuel Cell Vehicles.” The hydrogen fueling industry uses both standards.

A proposal is also being considered to revise the definition of a biodiesel blend as a blend that contains greater than 20 percent by volume biodiesel. This will affect the application of the EPA and FTC dispenser labeling requirements.

It deletes the exemption from the labeling requirements for fuels containing 5 percent or less biodiesel but adds a requirement for diesel fuel containing more than 5 percent biodiesel or more than 5 percent renewable diesel to meet both EPA and FTC requirements.

Other proposed changes include adding to the definition of fuel oil that fuel oil may be refined from petroleum or biomass and may contain biodiesel and fuel additives, adding a definition for renewable diesel as a middle distillate hydrocarbon produced from biomass suitable for use as a fuel in diesel engine, and adding diesel fuel containing 6 percent or more renewable diesel fuel to the diesel fuel automotive fuel rating labeling requirements.

Edits are also being considered to the requirements for product transfer documentation to align with the revised text updating EPA regulation citations approved at the 2022 annual meeting.

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