Multiple Groups Comment On EPA’s Light and Medium Duty Vehicle Tailpipe Emissions Rule

Last week, EMA fully supported and endorsed the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturer’s (AFPM) comments regarding EPA’s GHG standards for light-duty and medium-duty vehicles for model years 2027 and later. EPA projects that a potential outcome of the rule would require nearly 70 percent of all new light duty vehicle sales to be battery electric vehicles (EVs) by 2032. Unfortunately, the focus on EV production will fundamentally eliminate an opportunity to provide clean green liquid fuels such as renewable diesel, biodiesel, renewable gasoline, clean hydrogen and ethanol that immediately lower emissions not only for new vehicles, but for the vehicles currently on the road. In addition, the rule will limit consumer choice on cleaner internal combustion engines and threaten the viability and jobs of small business energy marketers around the country.

EMA urged the EPA to consider lifecycle emissions and a technology neutral approach when it comes to promoting policies to reduce emissions. Click here to read EMA’s comments.

SIGMA, NACS, NATSO and other groups also submitted a coalition letter expressing concern that EPA is pursuing a single technology – electricity – as the solution to decarbonizing light duty transportation. Click here to read the coalition letter.