Membership Update: Legislative & Regulatory Activities

As we approach the fall season, the PPA would like to provide an update to our membership on the various legislative and regulatory items the association has focused on in 2020.

Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil Requirement Achieved

— PPA worked with key legislators and regulatory agencies to finalize regulation which became effective on September 1, 2020.

— PPA successfully requested a 6-month Limited Suspension of Enforcement Waiver from DEP to allow transition of existing heating oil inventories until February 28, 2021.

Fighting the Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI)

— PPA has launched its public relations and social media campaign ( to urge the public and legislators to oppose a pending 17 cent carbon tax on motor fuels in PA.

COVID-19 Waivers and Extensions for Essential Businesses

— PPA worked to ensure delivery of motor and heating fuels, convenience store operations, and HVAC services were classified as essential business operations.

— Also pushed for initial state waivers and extensions for HAZMAT CDL requirements, summer fuel standards, and payment of apportioned motor truck license fees.

$30 Million in USTIF Withdrawn

— In March, monies were transferred from USTIF to the state’s General Fund for use in purchasing PPE supplies related to the pandemic.

— PPA formally requested the money be restored as soon as possible.

— In June, state budget bill passed with language directing Fund be restored with federal stimulus money.

— Monies transferred from state’s General Fund to a restricted account-July 31, 2020. PPA will push for final appropriation to USTIF.

Continued Interface with PEMA and DEP Energy Office

— PPA has been actively involved in consulting to PEMA and DEP on fuel supply dynamics.

— In 2019 helped PEMA create Liquid Fuels Shortage Guidebook for Local Governments.

— In 2020 PPA task force has facilitated regularly scheduled calls with DEP Energy officials to discuss potential supply issues resulting from demand destruction caused by COVID-19.

Right of Private Lawsuits in PA Price Gouging Act

— PPA is continuing to fight a proposal by the state Attorney General to amend the law to allow private individuals and businesses to sue companies for price gouging.

Fighting Government Subsidies of Natural Gas Line Expansion

— PPA is monitoring and opposing proposed projects that would provide state grants to expand gas lines to established residential housing tracts of 100 or more parcels.

Protecting Convenience Stores Interest in Skill Games

— PPA monitoring proposed legislation that would license and tax skill games. Initiated communication with key legislators regarding how many PPA members rely on this important revenue.

PAC Contributions

All members are encouraged to consider a voluntary contribution to the PPA POMPAC which supports legislative and regulatory initiatives.

Thank you to the members who have already supported the PAC this year!

A list of 2020 PAC contributors can be found here. Please note corporate contributions are not eligible for the PAC.

Personal contributions can be processed online.

Personal checks can be made payable to POMPAC and mailed to 911B South Eisenhower Blvd, Middletown, PA 17057.

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