Member Feedback Requested: Renewable Liquid Fuel Policymaking Framework

In 2020, the PPA Board of Directors established a goal to reduce heating oil emissions over a 30-year period. A link to the PPA board resolution can be found here.

This resolution did not define any specific policy actions for the PPA to formally pursue.

In 2021, the PPA Heating Fuels created a subcommittee to identify legislative and/or regulatory policy strategies for how the association can achieve these initiatives. This subcommittee included representatives from nine retail fuel dealers across the state.

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was created and unanimously approved by the subcommittee in June and then presented to the PPA Heating Fuels Committee later that month.

The committee intends to formally consider this MOU for approval at the October 12 in-person committee meeting which will take place during the Fall Energy Conference & Annual Meeting.

Sept. 20 Webinar – Member Comment

The PPA is offering an open comment period for members to share their feedback on this proposed policy framework.

Click Here to view the MOU framework and submit an online comment.

In addition to offering an open comment period, the PPA is also hosting an informational webinar on September 20 at 2:00 p.m. to further explain the MOU and answer any membership questions.

Click here to register for this webinar.

Submitted comments will be brought to the Heating Fuels Committee for consideration prior to the next scheduled meeting.

Any version of MOU that would be approved by the PPA Heating Fuels Committee in October would then be brought to the PPA Board of Directors for final consideration/approval prior to establishing a formal association position.

Once an association position is established, the PPA would formally begin pursuing legislative/regulatory actions defined within the boundaries of the MOU.

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