Latest Information On PA Dept. Of Health Vaccination Plan

On January 8, the Department of Health released an updated Vaccination Plan (Version 4) that follows the latest federal guidance on administering COVID vaccines.

            Critical infrastructure workers in the energy sector are now in a new Phase 1C of the Plan after health care workers in Phase 1A and all adults aged 75 and older as well as emergency workers, teachers, transit, grocery, manufacturing, and childcare workers in Phase 1B.

            The federal government yesterday altered its guidance regarding COVID vaccination priority by recommending states begin directing that persons 65 years or older be eligible now to receive the vaccine.

            As of this writing, PPA has not seen action taken by the PA Department of Health in regard to that change.

            This vaccination priority process is likely to continue to change with the transition of the Biden Administration next week. It is unclear on the actual time table of when energy sector employees will become eligible to receive the vaccine in Pennsylvania.

            The PPA would suggest companies concerned about this issue begin to be proactive by taking the following steps:

 1. Contact their county and local health departments to determine if they have developed guidance or policies in this regard. Some counties (ex: Lebanon County) are beginning to allow essential workers to pre-register for vaccination distribution.

2. Reach out to local pharmacies designated as federal vaccination partners to discuss how they see things proceeding. The pharmacies may not know yet, but would be good for them to hear about the companies’ interest.

3. Be aware of announcements declaring mass vaccination sites going forward.

4. PPA has formally asked the PA Department of Health (click here to view letter) to determine

our industry as a priority in its decision making process. PA Department of Health has published an online form to allow public comment to its plan. PPA members are encouraged to send a message reinforcing our request for priority consideration.

5. Another unanswered question at this point concerns what process will be utilized by providers to identify individuals who are eligible for the vaccine once the industry phase is reached. This is another good question to ask. We will continue to press the issue at the state level.

The PPA will continue to monitor this developing plan and provide relevant information to our membership.  Another updated vaccination plan is due out from the Department of Health this week.

We also ask that PPA members continue to share feedback they receive as a part of this process.

Please contact Ted Harris–— if you have questions.

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