Juul Wins A Temporary Stay Of FDA Ban

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a total ban on Juul products. This is part of FDA’s new approach to electronic cigarettes, over which its authority was formalized through recent Congressional legislation.

The FDA said the company failed to provide sufficient information proving the products were safe, not only for youths but for people of any age. Juul said it would appeal the FDA’s decision.

The FDA issued the Marketing Denial Order (MDO) based on Juul’s own study that raised concerns over possible DNA damage and the potential for harmful chemicals leaching from the pre-filled cartridges that contain liquid nicotine, flavorings and other chemicals.

On Friday, Juul was granted an emergency Federal Court order blocking the FDA’s enforcement of the decision. Read more here.

During the past several months, the FDA has ruled on applications involving millions of e-cigarette products and rejected applications from manufacturers seeking to restart sales of sweet and fruity vapes.

But the FDA has lagged at completing reviews involving some of the market leaders, angering anti-tobacco groups and some members of Congress.

Nearly 50 companies have sued the FDA because of its decisions on their products.

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