June PA State Legislative Session Update

In the Pennsylvania General Assembly, June is always  a critical month in regard to legislative activity.

The passage of the state budget prior to the June 30 end of the fiscal year takes top priority, but interest groups and legislative leaders use this period to leverage deals for the passage of other legislation.

The PPA is actively engaged in the following issues–

Senate Bill 435 (Mensch) EV Infrastructure Expansion 

This bill would allow electric utilities to recover the costs of building out the EV charging infrastructure from their ratepayers. PPA and its allies where successful in stopping the bill last year, but the utilities have surfaced a new amendment and are actively pushing it.

We are responding in kind. Although it has not surfaced as of yet, we are also being vigilant to be prepared to fight any attempt to allow utilities to recover costs from ratepayers for expanding gas lines to new customers.

Senate Bill 275 (Yaw) Energy Choice 

This legislation-would preempt local governments from adopting restrictions or regulations on energy use within their jurisdictions.

The House [House Bill 1947 (O’Neal)] and the Senate have both passed a version of the bill-but final action will be taken if negotiations with the Governor’s office during budget negotiations are successful. PPA strongly supports this legislation.

— Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Mandate

UGI Services has proposed adding RNG to the Biodiesel Infrastructure Act to require that product and other renewables be mandated to be utilized in transportation, similar to the 2% on road biodiesel requirement.

PPA is working with API and Senate staff regarding input pursuant to the drafting of the legislation to ensure the interests of PPA member companies are taken into account.

House Bill 2467 (O’Neal) C-License for Beer Sales

This bill would establish a new license category in the state liquor system that would provide convenience stores easier and less expensive access to beer allowance. This PPA proposal would eliminate the thirty seat requirement in store requirement and create a $2,500 flat  license fee.

PPA will continue to closely monitor the legislature to determine if other issues will arise that would impact our membership.

Visit PPA’s Bills We’re Watching webpage for more background.

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