Invitation To Participate On A PPA Committee In 2022

PPA encourages you to participate in a committee this year. Your voice will help shape the direction of the association on important topics and initiatives.

PPA Committees

— Convention Committee: Assist the association in coordinating the various conferences that take place throughout the year as well as the annual membership meeting. The committee will provide insight on event structure and programming content to ensure the experience is valuable for attendees.

— Education Committee: Ensures the association is providing meaningful and relevant industry training. The committee will provide direction on current and future technical training offerings that are hosted through PPATEC. This includes the current training program offered to employers. This also includes providing ongoing insight for PPATEC to operate as a Private Licensed School. This new state approved 10-week program will begin in July 2022 and serve as a gateway program to add more individuals to the energy and HVAC industry.

— Heating Fuels Committee: Represents the large percentage of PPA members who market deliverable heating fuels. The committee will identify current issues important to the health and long term viability of the industry. This will include establishing the association’s strategy on current and future heating oil product specifications. The committee will set an agenda focused on proposals by the federal, state government, and other entities that impact PPA members who engage in the business of selling heating fuels. Upon study and discussion of those issues, the committee may recommend to the PPA Board of Directors positions and courses of action that will effectively deal with proposed policies.

— Motor Fuel & C-Store Committee: Represents PPA members who market retail gasoline, on-road diesel fuel, and/or operate convenience store locations. The committee will help steer the association in identifying potential threats and opportunities for motor fuel marketers.

— New Generation Committee: Established to attract up and coming leaders within the industry to address their future interests and concerns. The committee will assist the association in developing a long term vision for the organization.

— Political Action Committee: Assists the association in raising POMPAC and Energy Defense Fund contributions. The committee will help organize and facilitate fundraising campaigns throughout the year. Committee members will also directly or indirectly assist in government affairs communications when necessary.

— Propane Committee: Represents the growing number of PPA active members who already have or will be entering the propane market. The committee will help steer the association in identifying propane educational opportunities that can be integrated into the evolving PPATEC training program. The committee will also help guide the association in addressing potential governmental affairs opportunities that would benefit both propane and heating oil marketers.

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