Inside The Washington Beltway Update: Railroad Strike, Govt. Funding Bill

Last Thursday, the U.S. House and Senate approved legislation that would force a deal between Class I freight railroads and unions, blocking a potential strike that threatened travel and national supply chains. The legislation now goes to President Biden for signature.

A deal between all 12 railroad unions and railroads, either by ratification of an agreement or enforced through Congressional legislation, must be in place by December 9 to avoid a national freight rail worker strike, which could potentially upend the national supply chain.

Govt. Funding Bill

In Washington, eyes are looking ahead to December 16 and the fate of the fiscal year 2023 government funding bill.

Lawmakers have yet to agree to top-line spending figures, and Democratic leaders are now in talks about extending the CR to December 23.

The funding bill would serve as a vehicle that could carry unrelated legislation, such as the “Credit Card Competition Act.”

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