Information Regarding PA DEP Annual Storage Tank Registration And Permit Renewals

The PPA has been in contact with PA DEP regarding various factors that are impacting the timing of annual storage tank registration fees and permit renewals.

PA DEP highly recommends the use of the ePermitting Online Registration and Fee Payment website.

For any company who does not use the online system, DEP is recommending they submit payment as quickly as possible to allow for necessary time to internally process the information.

Updated registration dates will then be published on their online Active Storage Tank Search. This search is updated weekly (Tuesday morning), and can serve as proof of registration for tank owners and product distributors.

Registration extension letters may be issued as needed by DEP on a case-by-case basis.

If you have a customer in need of a registration extension, the best option is to email the resource account–—  providing their facility ID number and check number of the submitted payment, with a request for a registration extension.

By following that process, PA DEP can generate an extension and email it back to them. 

If you have any questions with the ePermitting system, you may contact Eric Lingle,  DEP Storage Tank Group Manager – Registration, Permitting and Certification, by sending an email to:

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