Increase In PA State Zero Emission Policy Activity

Developments in Pennsylvania state government over the last few weeks show an intensifying effort to establish zero emission policies for transportation and heating sources. These efforts will become more significant in light of House Democrats maintaining their majority after last week’s Special Elections. It is anticipated that Democrats will continue to hold the one seat House majority for the remainder of the session.

Governor Shapiro recently announced the awarding of grants to three local government entities for the purpose of developing climate change reduction programs. The Delaware Valley Planning Commission, the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission, and the Southwest Pennsylvania Planning Commission received up to $1 million (provided by the federal Inflation Reduction Act) for the purpose of staffing and developing modeling and programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their jurisdictions. Other local governments are eligible for these grants.

The narrative in the IRA law itself refers to these grants as being used to develop zero emissions building codes-among other measures. In addition, DEP is receiving $3 million to assist local governments in this work.

Pennsylvania will receive $258 million through the IRA money dedicated to home electrification efficiency rebates. The total rebate amount will be up to $14,000 depending on income level. The primary equipment promoted in this program is electric heat pumps but also includes other electric appliances, electric wiring, and weatherization services. Each state is tasked with administering the program based upon US Department of Energy (DOE) guidance. Pennsylvania DEP is currently creating the program which they plan to launch later this year.

House Bill 952 was also recently introduced by Rep. Rabb (D-Philadelphia). This bill provides that by June 30, 2026 that the Department of Labor and Industry would be required to develop zero emissions standards for all new space and water heaters and for the replacement of worn-out equipment in existing buildings. House Bill 952 is currently in the House Housing and Community Development Committee.

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