Important State Contests On the Ballot Tomorrow, Not Just President

Although the main attraction in tomorrow’s election is justifiably the Presidential contest, there are several other key contests on the ballot that will set the course of Pennsylvania government for the immediate future.

Voters in the state will choose the next Attorney General, Auditor General and State Treasurer.

The state Senate is currently comprised of 28 Republicans, 21 Democrats and one Independent.  Twenty five seats are in contention tomorrow.

The entire state House is up for election.   Currently, there are 109 Republicans, 93 Democrats and one vacancy.

Control of the Senate will go to the party with 26 members, and the House threshold is 102 members.

Majority status gives the party control of the agenda for the next two years.

There has been an intense battle waged for the Senate and House seats this year-which will be significantly impacted by the dynamics of the Presidential election.

It should be noted that for the first time, Pennsylvanians  will not have the option of straight party voting.

In addition to the state contests, all U.S. Congressional seats are in play as well.

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