Impact Of U.S., Global Transportation-Related Environmental Initiatives

The Fuel Institute released a new study recently that provides an overview and analysis of U.S. and global environmental initiatives to reduce emissions from the transportation sector.

The Impact of Transportation-Related Environmental Initiatives report evaluates and compares the impact that different environmentally focused transportation-energy regulations, policies, and initiatives will have on emissions and costs to consumers over the next 20 years.

The report discusses existing initiatives such as the zero-emission vehicle mandate, the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, the Renewable Fuel Standard, and federal and state electric vehicle subsidies as well as potential future initiatives such as the Cleaner Trucks Initiative and Transportation Climate Initiative.

It includes an assessment of fourteen U.S. initiatives in the areas of emissions, fuel economy, and carbon pricing; alternative fuels, congestion pricing, tolls, and telecommuting; and mobility.

The report can be downloaded from the Fuel Institutes website.

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