HYPERFUELS Selected To Provide Gulf-Branded Lubricants For The GT40 Models

HYPERFUELS announced it is the preferred supplier of Gulf-branded lubricants and fluids for the Superformance GT40 rollers. All five models of the Superformance GT40 line will have the GulfTec® motor oil and Gulf Gold antifreeze available. 

Superformance chief Lance Stander said, “Superformance has distributed specially constructed cars in the United States since 1994. As one of the first players in the industry, Superformance has over 20 independent dealerships worldwide. We have earned our reputation with our attention to detail, quality, craftsmanship, fit, finish, and customer service. We are excited to have Gulf fluids in our GT40s as our factory-recommended fill. From day 1, these historic GT40s will have Gulf oils in their powerful engines. These great cars deserve great fluids.”

Jess Hewitt of HYPERFUELS commented, “We will supply the top 11 installers with high-quality lubricants for the engine installations, and all Superformance dealers will have the same lubricants for follow-up oil changes and maintenance.”

Superformance and Hyperfuels are excited to continue the legacy of Gulf and GT40 being hand in hand. Together Gulf and GT40s spelled victory in Le Mans in 1968 and 1969. We are excited for the owners of today to have the same victorious combination.

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