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An issue has surfaced in Harrisburg that should cause concern to every PPA member across the state (as well as to the business community as a whole).

It has come to our attention that the state Attorney General is attempting to change the current Pennsylvania price gouging statute by amending the state’s Unfair Sales Act. The current Price Gouging Act is a “stand alone” law-not part of the Unfair Sales Act.

The reason this distinction is important in that the Unfair Sales Act allows for individual consumers to file legal complaints for allegations of price gouging. The current statute only gives the power of enforcement to the Attorney General.

The current Price Gouging Act was passed in 2006. PPA was at the negotiating table during that process. One of the agreements at that time that private consumer actions would not be incorporated into the law.

It is not clear at this point as to what the intention of the current Attorney General is in this matter, but we have expressed our opposition to any change in the current law.

This is just one of many issues impacting petroleum and energy marketers that we expect to be dealing with in the coming months. Your contributions to POMPAC are crucial to our efforts to protect YOUR business in this tumultuous time.

Thank you to the members who have already supported the PPA PAC this year! A list of 2020 PAC contributors can be found here.

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