Graphic Warning Label Requirement For Cigarette Packaging To Be Delayed

Due to the effects of the ongoing health pandemic, a Texas federal judge has decided to delay the enforcement date upon which cigarette manufacturers are required to place graphic warning labels and images on cigarette packaging and advertisements that depict the lesser-known health risks associated with smoking cigarettes by 120 days from June 18, 2021, to October 16, 2021.

Earlier in May, the FDA and several major cigarette manufacturers had requested that the court delay the enforcement date to October 16, 2021.

In March, the FDA issued a final rule to establish new cigarette health warnings for cigarette packaging and advertisements.

The final rule implemented a provision of the federal Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act that requires the FDA to issue a regulation mandating new text warning messages along with color graphics to replace the current Surgeon General cigarette warning labels.

Under the final rule, retailers are ultimately responsible for ensuring these graphic warning labels on cigarette packaging and advertisements are visible to customers in their stores.

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