Governor Wolf Makes Commitment to Phase Out Gas Tax

Having discovered forming a bipartisan task force on the COVID vaccine rollout seems to be working, Gov. Wolf last week announced he was forming a Transportation Revenue Options Commission that he hopes will enable him to phase out the gasoline tax.  Read more here.

“Our economy, our communities, and our future rely on a strong transportation system that supports our safety and growth. We have more than $9 billion in annual unmet needs across our state-maintained transportation system alone. At the same time, Pennsylvania is relying too much on outdated, unreliable funding methods, and the federal government hasn’t taken meaningful action in decades,” Gov. Wolf said. “Phasing out the burdensome gas tax, coupled with seeking long-term reliable funding solutions that will keep pace with our infrastructure needs, deserves a close examination. Forming this bipartisan commission will bring multiple, bipartisan voices to the table to ensure that we can examine reliable, sustainable revenue solutions to address both near-term and long-term funding needs.”

The task force is due to report its recommendations before August 1.

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