Governor Signs Bill Removing Restriction On Selling Liquid Fuels By Liquor Licensees

On June 5, Gov. Tom Wolf signed House Bill 1048 (Knowles-R-Schuylkill) into law as Act 29 that does away with the restrictions on Liquor Control Board licensees from selling liquid fuels.

House Bill 1048 removes the liquid fuel prohibition that has been in the Liquor Code since the beginning for restaurant, hotel and club licensees, malt and brewed beverage licensees, and malt and brewed beverage manufacturers, distributors, and importing distributors.

In addition, the legislation allows the use of all cash registers by malt or brewed beverage sales by licensees, retail dispenser licensees, and wine expanded permit holders provided the following conditions:

–The building is 11,000 square feet or less.

— The register is in the same building as the licensed premise.

— Registers comply with the signage, staffing, training, carding, scanning, and prohibition

on the sharing of data provisions contained in the Liquor Code.

— Notice is provided to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) on the location of

specific registers used and the building size.

The registers used that meet these conditions shall be deemed license areas, but no application beyond notice to the PLCB is required.

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