Gov. Wolf Vetoes Resolution That Would Keep PA Out Of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative; Republicans Call For Override

On January 10, Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed and disapproved Senate Concurrent Regulatory Review Resolution 1, which would have disabled the Commonwealth’s opportunity to enter the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and effectively achieve climate goals and reduce carbon emissions.

The concurrent resolution is also procedurally defective, as the General Assembly failed to adopt it within the statutory timeframe prescribed in the Regulatory Review Act, according to Gov. Wolf.

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“I am vetoing, disapproving, and returning the Concurrent Resolution because Final Form Regulation 7-559 is a vital step for Pennsylvania to reduce carbon emissions and achieve our climate goals.  Addressing the global climate crisis is one of the most important and critical challenges we face,” said Gov. Wolf.

Veto Override

There is no doubt the General Assembly will try to override the Governor’s veto of the resolution starting in the Senate since it was a Senate resolution.

“The governor says his veto is reflective of a majority of Pennsylvanians who support his shortsighted climate actions,” said Sen. Gene Yaw (R-Lycoming), Majority Chair of the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee. “As if the 162 lawmakers who oppose RGGI weren’t also elected to represent the concerns of millions of Pennsylvanians who will ultimately pay the price for RGGI.”

“The General Assembly must act swiftly to override this veto and protect residents from the havoc RGGI will wreak on their wallets and lives,” Sen. Yaw said.

“RGGI will spell disaster for our state,” Sen. Yaw said. “The program’s de facto carbon tax levied on power producers will translate into electricity bills spiking by double digits, ballooning fuel costs and price increases on just about everything we use daily. Thousands of jobs will disappear. And zero carbon emissions will be removed from the atmosphere.”

“Remember when the department said RGGI auction clearing prices wouldn’t crest above $3.00 per ton? RGGI’s most recent auction, completed on Dec. 1, set a clearing price of $13 per ton – more than four times the rate DEP forecasted and a 40% increase over the Sept. 8 auction clearing price alone,” Sen. Yaw said. “It’s a tax that will hit the poorest among us the hardest – and for the benefit of whom exactly?”


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