Gov. Wolf Vetoes Energy Choice Bill

On July 11, Gov. Wolf vetoed Senate Bill 275 (Yaw-R- Lycoming) which would have prohibited counties, local governments, and authorities from promoting cleaner energy sources to reduce climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions.

The bill did not pass the House and Senate with a required two-third margin that would lead to a successful override.

This proposed legislation has been supported by the PPA since its inception.

            Click Here for a copy of the veto message.

The bill would have prohibited local and county governments from restricting or regulating the use of specific fuels (natural gas, heating oil, propane, etc.) within their jurisdictions.

This legislation was introduced because a small number of cities in other states, not in Pennsylvania, were adopting ordinances requiring the electrification of new construction and prohibiting the use of natural gas and heating oil as part of initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

PPA will continue to make passage of Energy Choice legislation one of its top priorities.

The recent US Supreme Court decision that would significantly restrict the EPA from regulating greenhouse gasses has resulted in calls for action by environmental groups for action on the state and local level. 

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