Fuels Institute’s Diesel Fuel Quality Council Conducting Study

The Fuels Institute’s Diesel Fuel Quality Council (DFQC) is conducting a diesel fuel quality study to evaluate fuel properties that affect engine performance. The study will collect diesel fuel samples from 190 nozzles and 95 underground storage tanks from a mix of retail and commercial facilities throughout the US.

Samples will be collected based on the share of distillate fuel sales in each PADD. Sample collection is randomized and not tied to information on diesel fuel quality or specific locations.

Samples will be collected by Tanknology in conjunction with their annual compliance testing and monthly inspection for their clients with their permission.

Information such as the terminal that supplies the diesel fuel, monthly throughput, biodiesel content, biodiesel blending on-site or at terminal, and routine preventative maintenance will be documented for each sample.

Samples will then be shipped to the Iowa Central Laboratory for analysis and analyzed for a variety of parameters considered important to engine performance including flash point, water & sediment, biodiesel content, and metals.

All results will be provided to a third party for evaluation and results provided to the DFQC for review.

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