Fuels Institute Releases Best Practices For EV Charging Infrastructure

Fuels Institute’s Electric Vehicle Council released a Best Practice Guide for Installing and Operating Public Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure last week.

The report provides a discussion of questions and issues that sites can expect to encounter when evaluating and installing public EV charging points at a site.

The discussion is grouped into three categories: 1) developing a business case, 2) engaging the utility, and 3) working with local authorities having jurisdiction over the permitting and installation of EV charging points.

In addition, the report provides a series of case studies to illustrate the issues and share success stories.

The report discusses typical business models, site selection, cost considerations, make-ready infrastructure, and permitting and installation considerations.

If you are considering investing in public EV charging points, this 45-page report provides a good source of information, as well as a bibliography of additional information sources to support the evaluation process.

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