FMCSA Reveals Upcoming Rules, Studies and Data Collection Activities Affecting Energy Marketers

The FMCSA held a stakeholder meeting for regulated parties on April 12 to announce plans for significant rulemaking proposals, in depth safety studies and data collections for 2023 and beyond, The FMCSA proposed rules, data collection activities and safety studies could have a significant regulatory impact on energy marketers. According to the FMCSA, upcoming proposed rulemakings will be announced for heavy duty vehicle speed limiters, automatic emergency braking systems, and a safety fitness rule to identify unfit motor carriers and safe integration.
FMCSA’s planned research and data collection projects include:

• The need for increases in the minimal amount of financial assurance for motor carriers.

• A study on ways to detect commercial motor vehicle drivers attempts to avoid loss of their CDL license and endorsements due to failed roadside inspections and traffic and other legal violations.

• Research on the effectiveness of the Entry Level Driver Training rule and third-party testing vendors.

• Applying leading edge technology to roadside enforcement by conducting Level III inspections electronically without human interaction while vehicles are in motion. The FMCSA claims the technology will collect more data on drivers including CDL status and hours of service compliance, reduce traffic congestion at inspection points and save time for drivers and motor carriers. The agency will begin road testing the new inspection technology later this year.