Federal Short-Haul Driver Hours Of Service Amendments Effective Sept. 29, 2020

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published the final rule amending the CDL driver of hours of service (HOS) requirements on June 3rd.

Publication of the final rule in the Federal Register sets the 120 day countdown to the effective date of the changes when petroleum marketers and heating fuel dealers with short haul drivers gain two additional hours of daily on-duty time.

 In addition, the rule lengthens the distance that short haul drivers can travel, from a 100 air-mile radius to 150 air-mile radius.

Both these originated amendments are effective September 29, 2020.

Another amendment extending the maximum daily 11 hour driving window by two hours during adverse weather conditions is also effective September 29, 2020.

These amendments allow drivers who did not previously qualify for short-haul status, but stay within the new 150 air-mile limit, to discontinue the use of electronic devices to record driver HOS.

Short-haul drivers are exempted from the requirement to record driver HOS. Instead, HOS for short haul drivers can be demonstrated by business records, primarily driver timecards or pay records.

PMAA sought these important HOS changes which can be found in a PMAA Today Bulletin by Clicking Here.

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