FDA Panel Endorses Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine For Emergency Use

On Thursday, a FDA panel endorsed Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for emergency authorization use (EAU). The FDA is expected to give full approval very soon.

Following CDC approval, Operation Warp Speed, the government’s initiative to develop a vaccine, can start shipping and distributing the vaccine to states.

Previously the CDC expressed support for the order of priority for who should get the shots after healthcare workers and long-term care patients. next: Phase 1a, essential workers; and Phases 1b and 1; people 65 plus, and adults with underlying medical conditions.

Meanwhile, the FDA and the CDC are likely to consider data for the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine beginning next week.

EMA has been thoroughly involved from the start in the development of the original Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers Guidance, as well as all the iterations that have followed.

For the past eight months EMA has worked with government officials to express the need for petroleum marketers, drivers, home heating fuel deliverers and repair technicians, and convenience store essential employees to be among the essential workers who should receive vaccines early, due to the critical nature of their work.

Also, in September, EMA joined SIGMA, NACS and NATSO in a letter of support for and a request for clarification of the draft National Academy of Sciences’ Committee on Equitable Allocation of Vaccine report to advise health officials on how to prioritize distribution.

The letter urges the Committee to prioritize vaccine distribution to those serving on the front lines of the fuel and food distribution systems across the country up to and including consumer-facing retail of these critical products.

More recently, EMA joined the same associations in another letter, this time to the CDC, where we commended the CDC “…for prioritizing that essential workers of businesses that are part of the critical infrastructure workforce should receive a vaccine as part of Phase 1a of a jurisdiction’s distribution.

Additionally, some trucking and maritime groups sent a letter requesting that essential workers follow phase 1 (healthcare workers and long term care patients).

At this point, most groups that represent essential workers have sent at least one letter about the importance of a risk-based vaccine distribution plan.

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