EPA Issues New Guidance On Protection & Recovery for USTs, ASTs Subject To Wildfire Threat

The EPA’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks (OUST) has just released a new guidance document to help prepare and protect both UST and AST systems from wildfires.

OUST is releasing the guide in response to the escalating number of wildfires occurring now and expected in the future that threaten thousands of UST and AST facilities across wildfire prone regions.

Information in the guide will help owners and operators to prepare for and respond to the catastrophic effects and environmental harm that may occur as a result of partial or fully burned UST and AST systems.

This guide consolidates federal, state, non-governmental, and UST and oil AST industry resources. However, many communities develop their own strategies and resources to reduce the effects of wildfire on their citizens, businesses, and environment.

Although the guide addresses USTs and ASTs affected by wildfire, some elements of it apply to other natural disasters as well.

A central feature of the guide is a list of actions to help UST and AST owners and operators prepare should wildfires approach their facilities, as well as steps to recover from potential impacts of wildfires.

 Such steps include:

— What To Do as The Fire Approaches Your Facility

— Recommended Actions for UST Facilities

— Recommended Actions for AST Facilities

— Recovery From the Fire

— Steps to Take When Returning to Your UST Facility

— Steps to Take When Returning to Your AST Facility.

Download a copy of EPA’s Wildfire Guide: Preparation And Recovery For Underground And Aboveground Storage Tank Systems.

Pennsylvania Wildfires

Unlike states in the western U.S., Pennsylvania’s wildfire season runs from March 1 to May 25. 

DCNR has available wildfire threat forecast maps, prevention information and more available on their Wildfire webpage.  Specific assistance is available through DCNR’s State Forest District offices.

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