EPA Approves New Standard for UST System Sump Repair

The National Leak Prevention Association-Ken Wilcox Associates, Inc. (NLPA/KWA) recently completed the development of a standard for the repair of UST system containment sumps.

Under EPA UST regulations (40 CFR 280.33(a)), all UST system repairs must be conducted according to a code of practice developed by a nationally recognized association or an independent testing laboratory to ensure that repairs will prevent releases once the sump is returned to service.

Without proper repairs, sumps may fail to prevent releases when piping or pumping equipment leaks.

The EPA has authorized Standard 823 as compliant for the proper repair of UST system sumps.  Specifically, NLPA/KWA Standard 823 establishes requirements for repairing sumps due to structural failure or corrosion by providing:

— Minimum criteria for qualifying a containment sump for repair,

— Testing and performance requirements for materials used to:

— Seal containment sumps as a preventative maintenance or repair measure,

— Install or replace a sump entry fitting, and

— Fabricate a new single wall or double wall sump using the existing sump as a fabrication mold.

— Minimum requirements for installer certification and training by the equipment or material manufacturer

NLPA/KWA Standard 823 also provides post sump repair testing procedures for liquid tightness. EPA UST regulations require owners and operators using the standard to ensure that sump repairs follow all applicable steps in the standard, including post-repair testing for liquid tightness.

UST system owners and operators should check with their state UST implementing agencies to determine whether state specific sump repair requirements vary from EPA’s Standard 823 determination.

Generally, most state UST authorities adopt EPA requirements without change.

The EPA’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks (OUST) technical online compendium has been updated to reflect that this code of practice meets the regulatory requirements as an acceptable standard for containment sump repairs and more information about the standard can be found here.

In addition, the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC) is planning to host a webinar about this standard in December.

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