EPA Announces Emergency Waiver Allowing Summertime Sale of E15 Nationwide

The Environmental Protection Agency announced it will once again suspend the ban on summertime sales of E15 blends. The EPA issued emergency waivers similar to last year that would allow E15 to be used nationwide between June 1 and September 15. The move comes after weeks of lobbying by lawmakers from corn producing states dissatisfied with the EPA’s decision to delay an RVP waiver request from 8 Midwest governors that would allow year-round E15 sales in those states. The E15 emergency waiver will temporarily exempt E15 from RVP volatility requirements that effectively block sales during the summertime driving season. To justify the emergency waiver, the EPA cites similar conditions that provided the foundation for a series of the temporary waivers last year. At the time, the EPA said that the fuel volatility waiver for E15 was in the public interest to address fuel supply shortages caused by the war in Ukraine. The EPA estimates that 2700 retail gasoline stations nationwide currently sell E15.

For more information on this announcement, please visit EPA’s Fuel Waivers webpage.