Energy Marketers Of America Comments On E15 Labeling, UST Compatibility Proposed Rule

EMA submitted comments on the EPA’s E15 Labeling and UST compatibility proposed rule.

EMA told the EPA that “energy marketers are willing to sell any liquid fuel that is compatible with existing storage and dispensing equipment, as well as the equipment it powers. Unfortunately, sealants, gaskets and other materials used to connect piping to tanks and equipment, release detection and other monitoring equipment, as well as dispensing equipment are not E15 compatible and adding an ethanol compatible pipe dope to an existing pipe connection is not as simple as unscrewing a fitting, adding pipe dope, and replacing the fitting.”

EMA also highlighted its concerns regarding state tank funds which could be at grave risk of insolvency if there are a significant number of new releases attributable to compatibility.

EMA also opposed the potential removal of the E15 labeling requirement in the proposed rule due to the ongoing risk of consumer misfuelling and the liability issues misfuelling raises for retailers.

Even though the EPA has approved E15 for 2001 and newer vehicles, several automakers have not been willing to amend their warranties to handle blends above E10, therefore, consumers need to know what they are buying.

EMA urged the EPA to add the following to the current E15 dispenser label, “Check Owner’s Manual for Compatibility with E15” and also voiced concerns with current E15 marketing as “unleaded88.”

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