EMA Urges Congress To Uphold Prohibition Of Rest Stop Commercialization

Last week, EMA, NATSO, NACS and SIGMA continued its decade long fight and joined other associations in a letter urging Congress to oppose commercialization of interstate Rest Stops.

Last Congress, to the disadvantage of small and medium size business owners, H.R. 2 included a provision that would allow EV chargers at rest areas.

Allowing EV chargers at rest areas would undermine fuel marketer investments in U.S. infrastructure by eliminating the need for customers to stop at highway exit retail stores.

When Congress created the Interstate Highway System in 1956, Congress and community leaders feared that local businesses, jobs, and tax bases would shrink as motorists and truck drivers bypassed their cities and towns.

For this reason, Congress prohibited new Interstate rest areas from offering commercial services, such as food and convenience items. The result – a thriving and competitive business environment along interstate exits.

EMA’s message to Congress is simple, “Uphold Congress’s original prohibition of commercial services at interstate areas.”

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