EMA Submits Detailed Comments To NFPA On EV Charging At Gas Stations

Last week, EMA submitted more detailed comments in opposition to the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Tentative Interim Amendment (TIA) regulating the placement of EV charging stations at gas stations.

The setback requirements in the proposed standard are so restrictive that it could prevent the installation of EV chargers at most existing retail gas stations.

The proposed Section 15.3.1 in NFPA 30A (Location Adjacent to Buildings or Property Lines) requires a setback of 10 feet from property lines and 10 feet or three feet from buildings, depending on building construction.

For example, a retail service station adjacent to a fast-food restaurant would have to install EV chargers 10 feet from the property line or building while the restaurant could install EV chargers on the common property line or next to the building.

The 10-foot setback could eliminate a significant portion of a property available for EV charging.

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Electric Vehicles In Winter

More Americans are opting to purchase an electric vehicle, but some EV owners are surprised to find out how much their car’s driving range is compromised by winter weather.

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