EMA NFPA 30A EV Charging Comments

The NFPA Standards Council voted in April not to issue the proposed Tentative Interim Amendment (TIA) which would have added requirements for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations at motor fuel dispensing facilities to the 2021 Edition of NFPA 30A (Code for Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities and Repair Garages).
            NFPA 30A is currently in the midst of the 2024 revision cycle and has been accepting public input on similar requirements for the installation of EV chargers at motor fuel dispensing facilities.

Prior to the closing of the public comment period this week, EMA submitted comments on the proposed EV charging requirements.

EMA’s comments on the First Draft Report proposal are consistent with our comments on the TIA. They focus on four issues.

First NFPA 30A should not establish setbacks or separation distance for property lines or buildings. This is not an issue unique to motor fueling facilities and inconsistent with common practices for locating EV chargers at other facilities.

Second NFPA should not establish separation distances from a transport while delivering to a storage tank. Separation distances proposed for the location of charging with respect to tank fills, vents and submerged pumps along with general requirements for vehicle maneuverability into and out of a charging space is sufficient.

Third, specific design requirements for the installation of bollards and other impact protection for EV chargers is not needed and goes beyond what is currently stated for dispenser protection.

Finally, combining the emergency shut-off for the EV charger with the shut-off for the dispensers may be technically difficult and possibly cost prohibitive. Such a requirement should not be included at this time.

The NFPA 30A Technical Committee will be reviewing the public comments in the coming months.

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