EMA Joins SIGMA And NACS’s Amicus Brief In Climate Suit

Last week, EMA joined an amicus brief in the climate suit BP P.L.C et al. v. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore.

In the brief, respondents argue that “The case is part of a second wave of highly-coordinated lawsuits born out of political frustration that Congress and administrations have not adopted specific policies to address climate change. This particular lawsuit seeks to use state tort law to regulate the national production and sale of energy products that have been essential to modern life since the industrial revolution.”

In the brief, EMA requested that the Court reverse the judgment that the case be heard at the local level arguing that “trying to turn the production, sale, promotion and use of certain fuels into liability-inducing events undermines the careful balancing of interests that must be done in the political branches when setting national energy policy.

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