EMA: Driver Shortage And Foreign Workers

EMA has been working with state association executives, the Department of Immigration, DOT and DOE on solutions to the driver shortage.

In particular, the need for more EB3 Visas for foreign workers to deliver fuel in the U.S. as the shortage of drivers stretches across all industries and has been a problem for years.

The pandemic, which led to early retirements and a shortage of driving schools, has made the problem far worse.

EMA has been working extensively with DOE on a 100-page driver shortage report that is now in draft form, and EMA raised the possibility of expanding the number of Visas as one of many medium to long-term solutions to the driver shortage.

EMA also provided information to DHS, DOT and the Immigration Department on how increasing the number of Visas would help with the shortage that is felt throughout the country, but particularly in disaster areas such as the west coast that is experiencing delays in access to fuel to fly the planes that deliver fire suppression and water.

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