Don’t Forget To Complete Annual CDL Driver Drug & Alcohol Violation Clearinghouse Queries

Employers of CDL drivers are required to conduct an annual drug and alcohol violation query in the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse for each CDL driver they employ.

Employers are only required to make a “limited query” to check for drug and alcohol violations for these drivers. A “full query” is only required if a violation is found.

The annual limited query is tracked on a rolling 12-month basis so there is no fixed deadline other than to make the query at least once within 365 days for each driver.

For example, employers who conducted their last annual queries on January 1, 2021, must conduct the next round of annual queries for each driver no later than January 1, 2023.

Employers must obtain general consent from CDL drivers they employ before conducting limited queries in the Clearinghouse to view these drivers’ information (sample limited query consent form).

Employers should log into the Clearinghouse and visit their “Query History” page (under “My Dashboard”) to see when annual queries are due.

For instructions on conducting annual queries, download the FMCSA How to Conduct a Limited Query Job aid.

Additional Information can be found in the EMA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Compliance Bulletin.

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