DEP/EIA Conducting Heating Oil & Propane Survey Starting October 2

Deliverable fuel marketers in Pennsylvania may receive an inquiry from PA Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) regarding the SHOPP program starting October 2. SHOPP stands for the State Heating Oil and Propane Price Survey. It is conducted every year from the first week of October to the first week in April. The survey is compiled weekly during the fall/winter season in partnership with Energy Information Administration (EIA) which is a part of the Federal Department of Energy. The list of respondents is assembled by EIA and respondents are contacted initially by letter during the summer explaining the survey. EIA contracts the work out to various State Energy Offices within the United States, including the DEP Energy Programs Office here in Pennsylvania.  As part of the survey, the personnel that handle the data are required to complete an annual training called CIPSEA which certifies that confidentially will be maintained on prices submitted. Everyone who is handling the data in Pennsylvania has completed the training, which is required by EIA prior to access being granted to work on survey.

What does this mean for you?

If you are part of the survey, you will be contacted during the week (either by email or phone) by either the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection or DOE for a price for either propane or No. 2 heating oil. The information from EIA will specify which you are reporting on.  The email that is sent out is blind carbon copied so no one is aware of who is participating in the survey for confidentially purposes. This will normally occur on a Monday (unless Monday is a holiday, then it will be Tuesday). PA DEP requests that information be submitted by Close of Business Monday on a normal schedule.