COVID-19 Liability Protection Bill Awaiting Gov. Wolf’s Signature

The General Assembly passed House Bill 1737 and sent the legislation to the Governor for his approval. Provisions of the bill would shield businesses from civil liability for damage to property or personal injury related to an actual or alleged exposure to COVID-19.

The exception to this protection from liability are cases where there is clear and convincing evidence of gross negligence, recklessness, willful misconduct or intentional infliction of harm.

The bill further states that good faith belief by the business in complying with public health initiatives shall not be considered negligence under this legislation.

PPA has communicated to the Governor its support of the bill and asked him to sign it into law.

We are asking our membership to also voice their support by submitting the following request directly to the Governor.

Take Action Now!

Directly contact the Governor’s Office to request his signature to sign House Bill 1737 into law.

Utilize the PPA’s new advocacy platform to send the following request to Gov. Wolf. You also have the ability to customize your message.

Click Here To Take Action and Support House Bill 1737.

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