Court Overrules Ban on New Drilling Rights

On Tuesday, Louisiana-based U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty ruled against the Biden Administration’s temporary ban on selling new drilling rights on federal lands and waters.

This is a victory for the thirteen Republican state attorneys who sought the preliminary injunction which blocks President Biden’s January 27 Executive Order to halt the sale of new oil and gas leases from federal lands and waters that provide nearly a quarter of the nation’s crude supplies. The victory could be short-lived since the Administration will appeal the ruling.

According to Alabama’s Attorney General Steve Marshall, “The court order is a victory in our battle to put the brakes on the far-left climate agenda embraced by President Biden that not only ignores America’s energy security, but also violates federal law.

This win should send a signal to the anti-fossil-fuel activists within the Biden administration that Americans want a reasoned and balanced approach to energy development that keeps our nation energy independent and our economy strong.”

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