Continuing RGGI Developments Within State Legislature

There was a significant development this past week in regard to the RGGI. The House Appropriations Committee added an amendment to House Bill 637 that would provide $250 million for carbon capture technology and other control measures to address emissions from coal-fired power plants.

This bill, which is being held in the Committee to provide time for further negotiation, is supported by the opponents of RGGl as an alternative to the cap and trade program.

The final RGGI regulation has been moving through the regulatory process. Although both the House and Senate have passed resolutions to block its enactment, neither chamber has garnered enough votes to override Gubernatorial vetoes. 

            The newly amended House bill was put into play by the Republican leadership in an attempt to provide the basis for a compromise to sidetrack the Governor’s RGGI regulation.

The goal of the labor unions and other opponents of the regulation is to secure Democratic votes for HB 637 with the argument that this funding would address the issue of power plant emissions.

RGGI would take effect April 2, 2022 unless the legislature overrides the veto or the regulation is withdrawn.

Labor is aggressively lobbying Democratic lawmakers, pointing out the fact that legislators are up for election this year, while the Governor is leaving office.

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