Co-Sponsorship Memo Released To Reform Beer Law For PA Convenience Stores

PPA has been working on a legislative proposal that would give convenience store operators easier access to acquire licenses to sell beer.

Rep. Tim O’Neal (R-Washington) has drafted a bill that would create a C Store License category in the Liquor Code.

This past week, he officially circulated a co-sponsorship memo to all members of the state House asking for their support of his proposed bill.

Click Here to view a copy of the memo.

Current law requires store owners to purchase the limited number of restaurant licenses in the state and convert them to beer licenses.  This has created a bidding market that has resulted in a significant number of beer licenses to cost in the tens of thousands or even several hundreds of dollars per store.

The proposed legislation would:

— Create a new C Store License category (different from an R License);

— Establish reasonable entry fee ($2,500) and annual renewal fee ($750) to obtain the C Store License;

— Eliminate the 30 seat requirement for beer sales in a convenience store; and

— The C Store License would be limited to stores that sell motor with convenience store products.

It is critical for the passage of this bill that PPA members (and their dealer network) engage in contacting their legislators in what will be a long tough fight.

If you are interested in joining this coalition please Click Here.

We also encourage PPA members to share this information with their dealers and any other industry stakeholder who may be supportive of this initiative.

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