CISA Provides Guidance On Sharing Cyber Incident Information; EMA Resources Available

In this time of heightened risk due to the war in Ukraine, CISA urges lowering the threshold for sharing information to raise our collective resilience to global cyber threats.

Sharing information about cyber incidents allows CISA to fill critical information gaps, rapidly deploy resources and render assistance to victims suffering attacks, analyze incoming information from across sectors to spot trends, and quickly share that information with network defenders to warn other potential victims.

To facilitate the information sharing process, CISA developed this Cyber Event Information Sharing Fact Sheet, which provides stakeholders like you with clear guidance about what to share, who should share, and how to share information about unusual cyber incidents or activity.

EMA encourages you to share this resource with your networks, on your websites, and across your social media accounts.

Cybersecurity is national security, which is why we also encourage your organization, stakeholders, customers, and employees to utilize the wealth of resources on our Shields Up webpage, including information for organizations and individuals, technical guidance for network defenders, free tools and services, among other offerings.

It takes the entire nation to raise our collective cyber defense and we appreciate your support.

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