CDC Update COVID-19 Vaccine Priority Groups

On Monday, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) updated interim vaccine allocation recommendations.

In Phase 1b, COVID-19 vaccine should be offered to persons aged ?75 years and non–health care frontline essential workers, and in Phase 1c, to persons aged 65–74 years, persons aged 16–64 years with high-risk medical conditions, and essential workers not included in Phase 1b.

ACIP has classified the following non–health care essential workers as frontline workers: first responders (e.g., firefighters and police officers), corrections officers, food and agricultural workers, U.S. Postal Service workers, manufacturing workers, grocery store workers (includes convenience stores), public transit workers, and those who work in the education sector (teachers and support staff members) as well as childcare workers.

Essential worker sectors recommended for vaccination in Phase 1c include those in transportation and logistics, water and wastewater, food service, shelter and housing (e.g., construction), finance (e.g., bank tellers), information technology and communications, energy, legal, media, public safety (e.g., engineers), and public health workers.

Petroleum marketers without a convenience store are categorized under Energy and are included in Group 1c’s “essential workers not included in the second phase of vaccination.”

Although states generally follow the CDC’s guidelines, each creates its own plan to deal with situations unique to each state.

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