Capitol Hill Update: Congressional Republicans Elect A Speaker

The start of the 118th Congress has yet to happen. On Tuesday, House members returned to DC to vote on the Speaker of the House and officially kickoff the new Congress.

A group of 18-20 House Republicans voted against Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), stating a desire for more aggressive fiscal and oversight policies.

After 15 votes, a deal was finally made to elect McCarthy Speaker.  [Read more here.]

Now with a Speaker elected, the House can officially convene and new business can occur.

Once the 118th Congress officially begins, lawmakers must reintroduce legislation that did not advance during the 117th Congress.

 For example, the Credit Card Competition Act and the Consumer and Fuel Retailer Choice Act (E15 Waiver legislation) did not pass last Congress and must be reintroduced.

The timeline for introduction of new legislation will be delayed as Committee rosters are not yet final.

In the Senate, new legislation cannot be introduced before January 23 and a similar timeline may follow in the House.

House Republicans are eager to kick off the new Congress and begin Oversight and Investigation hearings regarding the Biden Administration and Hunter Biden.

Further, House Republicans are expected to review the use of COVID funding and Infrastructure bill funding.

Given the delay on Speaker elections, oversight hearings will likely not begin until February at the earliest.

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