C-Store Beer License Legislation Reintroduced In PA House

Last week, Rep. Abby Major (R-Armstrong) introduced House Bill 1256 which would standardize the ability for convenience stores (who sell motor fuel) to purchase state licenses to allow for retail beer sales. The current licensing system requires entities to buy existing Restaurant Licenses (R-License) and convert them to retail beer licenses.

The current licensing system requires parties to buy existing restaurant licenses and convert them to retail beer licenses. The competition for these limited licenses within each County has resulted in exorbitant fees for convenience store retailers.

HB 1256 would specifically create a new Convenience Store (C-License) License with a one-time license fee of $2,500 and a $750 annual renewal fee for each retail location. The legislation would also eliminate the current 30 person in-store seating requirement which is an impediment for smaller convenience stores.

The PPA supports this legislation which allows all convenience store retailers with direct access to beer licenses. The original bill was proposed in 2021-2022 legislative session as House Bill 2467 by Rep. Tim O’Neal (R-Washington). The PPA will continue to work with Rep. Abby Major, Rep. Tim O’Neal, and other stakeholders to support the advancement of the legislative proposal.