Biden Administration Announces Nationwide Medium-Heavy Duty Trucks Strategy For EV Fueling Infrastructure Network 

The Biden Administration this week released the National Zero-Emission Freight Corridor Strategy developed by the DOE’s Joint Office of Energy and Transportation, in collaboration with the U.S. DOT and the U.S. EPA. The Strategy will guide the nationwide deployment of zero-emission medium and heavy-duty vehicle (ZE-MHDV) charging stations and hydrogen fueling infrastructure from 2024 to 2040. The goal of the strategy is to provide ubiquitous and convenient access to electric vehicle (EV) charging and hydrogen refueling along the National Highway Freight Network and promote 30 percent ZE-MHDV sales by 2030 and ultimately 100 percent ZE-MHDV sales by 2040.

The Strategy is to align public policy and investments by prioritizing, sequencing, and accelerating infrastructure along the newly designated National Highway Freight Network in four phases. In order to move the Strategy forward, the Federal Highway Administration has designated a National EV Freight Corridors along the National Highway Freight Network and other key roadways. The designations, which are required by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), are designed to build a convenient, reliable national EV charging network that supports both individual drivers and commercial needs and support the administration’s goal of achieving national net zero emissions by 2050. Click here to find maps of each phase of the National EV Freight Corridor and additional information on implementation.