Automated Highway Work Zone Speed Enforcement Now Being Implemented

PennDOT, the PA Turnpike and the State Police are now actively using an Automated Highway Work Zone Speed Enforcement Program in order to improve worker safety and driver behaviors in highway work areas.

Since 2020, they have set up automatic equipment in selected work zones to photograph license plates of vehicles going in excess of 11 miles per hour above posted work zone speed limits.

Work zones using automated speed enforcement have special warning signs drawing attention to that fact the automated system is being used.

As a courtesy to vehicle drivers, PennDOT posts the locations of active automated speed enforcement areas on a special webpage each week.

The areas selected are generally Interstate highways and major four lane roadways.

The first violation is a written warning, the second carries a $75 fine and the third and additional violations after that a $150 fine.

Points will not be assessed against a driver’s license for any automated work zone speed limit violations.

For more information, visit PennDOT’s Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement webpage.

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