AFPM Launches Campaign Spotlighting Gas Car Ban Policies Across Key Battleground States

The American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers is launching a $7 million campaign in key battleground states bashing the Biden administration’s regulatory efforts to push electric vehicle adoption.

AFPM plans to run the ads in D.C. and Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Ohio and Montana — states where polling it commissioned showed voters oppose “gas car ban policies.” The campaign is targeting EPA’s proposed tailpipe rule, DOT’s proposed fuel economy standards and EPA’s consideration of California’s waiver request to enforce its rule phasing out gas-powered vehicle sales by 2035.

Only the California rule would “ban” gas-powered car sales — the other two federal proposals are performance-based standards designed to push automakers towards selling more EVs. The AFPM ads, however, accuse the Biden administration of “rushing to ban new gas-powered cars — no matter where you live or what you need, they want to force you into an electric vehicle.”

In addition to broadcast and cable television, AFPM’s issue campaign will use digital ads, billboards, text messages and phone calls to reach Americans and provide them with opportunities to communicate their opposition to gas car bans straight to elected officials and policymakers. Visit to view more information.