PA Oil Marketer’s Political Action Committee (POMPAC) Fund

What is the POMPAC?

The Pennsylvania Oil Marketer’s Political Action Committee (POMPAC) is a separate entity of the Pennsylvania Petroleum Association. This political campaign fundraising is supported by personal contributions from individuals within the petroleum and energy industry. The PPA then utilizes POMPAC funds to support political candidates that understand the importance of deliverable energy products within the Commonwealth.

How is the POMPAC different from the Energy Defense Fund?

The primary difference between the POMPAC fund and the Energy Defense Fund is the source of the contributions. POMPAC raises funds through personal contributions from industry stakeholders. The personal contributions made to the POMPAC fund are then used by the PPA to directly support political officials in the form of a campaign contribution. Political contributions from corporations are prohibited by law in Pennsylvania. Click here to view the PA Department of State FAQ’s for Campaign Finance Contributions.

The Energy Defense Fund is able to accept corporate funds which are not used for direct campaign contributions to political officials. This includes funding to support the association’s government affairs efforts such as educational outreach to lawmakers, news services, bill tracking, consultant fees, and lobby disclosure registrations.

What percentage of POMPAC funds are used to support candidates?

100% of the funding raised through the POMPAC is used to support candidates. Minimal expenses required to operate the POMPAC fund are paid for through the primary PPA association activities.

How can you contribute to the POMPAC?

Use the form on this page to make a one-time personal payment or sign up for monthly recurring payments. Individuals can also mail a personal check (made out to POMPAC) to the PPA office at 911B S Eisenhower Blvd, Middletown, PA 17057.

Contribute to POMPAC

2022 Fundraising Goal

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POMPAC Contributors Year to Date

Platinum Supporter
$1,000 +
James Barber
Richard Scheibe, Jr.
Chris Walton
James Deiter
Jason Flohr
Michael DeBerdine
Douglas Woosnam
Russell Christoff

Gold Supporter
$750 – $999
Steve Oehlert

Silver Supporter
$500 – $749
Timothy Naylor
Gabriel Frezzo, Jr.
Kurt Haab
Rodney Derstine
Quincy Longacre
Amy Adams
Russell Newell

Bronze Supporter
$250 – $499
Robert McIlvaine
James Firmstone
Steven Firmstone
Ted Harris
Kate Duffey
Daniel Duffey
Mark Smith
Chris Crooks
Bruce Spiridonoff

$50 – $249
David Karl
Thomas Wingard
Eric Horn
Andrew Myers
Bruce Harris
David Trupe
Fred Owens
Steven Ohl
Keith Reitz
Seth Obetz
Kevin Steele
Jane Domitrowits
Donna Goepfrich
Todd Grimm
Walter Wehof
Jesse McNeely
Patrick Boyle
Dan Krause
Bruce Limbert
Art Landis
Saul Cohen
Andrew Olcott
Rich Carrione
Tom Christi
Rob Hauck