Advocacy within the Pennsylvania Petroleum Industry

The Pennsylvania Petroleum Association works hard to advocate for what’s important to us—matters that deeply affect the Pennsylvania petroleum market and the people who work within and adjacent to it. Our goal is serving, educating, and connecting independent petroleum marketers with resources to sustain and promote their growth and prosperity.

Use our website and this Advocacy page to stay up to date on the latest news, information, and movements in the Pennsylvania petroleum industry.

Key Issues

It’s more important than ever to adapt to the future challenges that we will face as an industry. The Key Issues page will help you learn more about potential policy challenges that the PPA is monitoring.


Bills We’re Watching

Use our online, virtual bill tracking system to stay informed on pertinent and upcoming legislation that has the potential to greatly affect the petroleum user base in Greater Pennsylvania.


Support Our Advocacy Efforts

Our fundraising supports candidates whose policies align with the goals of our industry. All funds are used to fight on your behalf to limit government interference and protect your business.