Industry Vendors & Suppliers

As the Pennsylvania Petroleum Association’s goal is to provide support for and to advocate on behalf of the independent marketer’s interest both locally and nationally, we include industry vendors and suppliers in the network we support. The PPA is proud to represent industry vendors and suppliers in Pennsylvania who provide products and services for small businesses selling heating oil, petroleum products, and more.

How We Support Industry Vendors & Suppliers

The Pennsylvania Petroleum Association is a nonprofit trade association representing independent petroleum marketers at both the wholesale and retail levels. This includes supporting and advocating for industry vendors and suppliers who work with independent petroleum delivery and service companies.

Interested in Joining Our Cause?

If you’re passionate about the Pennsylvania petroleum industry and would like to help bolster our advocacy and support mission, please consider becoming a member of the PPA. Our various membership levels offer something for everyone; we would be thrilled to count you among our team of patrons who are doing their part and more to support the local and national petroleum industry.

The Pennsylvania Petroleum Association provides invaluable services and locally and nationally represents the independent marketer’s interests.